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We’re usually focused on what our Dino Minds think. We generally don’t stop to ask where those thoughts come from or choose our thoughts on purpose. When we can learn to decide which thoughts we want to keep and which ones we want to shift, then we can start to break free from our Pressure Points. But how do we change make those shifts? Ascending our mental staircase with Stair Step Thoughts. This is what’s going to help you think ON PURPOSE when you notice your Dino Mind taking over with its pre-programmed bullshit.

With a Staircase, we put that Dino Mind thought down at the bottom and come up with a goal thought to put up at the top. The goal thought is what you wish you could think, because you know it’ll produce the emotion that will allow you to take the action you really want to take that will lead to the experience you want to create for yourself. BUT YOU DON’T YET BELIEVE THAT GOAL THOUGHT. This is important. It’s going from “I’m hideous” to “I’m gorgeous.” Some people will teach that you just need to stare at yourself in the mirror and say 100 times a day, “I’m gorgeous,” and eventually you’ll believe it. That’s bullshit. If that actually works for you, I don’t know why you’re trying to get this free worksheet. It’s never worked for me, and I’m betting it’s never worked for you. Jumping from one Dino Mind thought directly to a thought that’s at the opposite end of the spectrum doesn’t tend to work for my clients. But we want to identify that goal thought so we know where we’re headed.

In between the Dino Mind thought and the goal thought, we’re going to put a series of neutral thoughts that feel a little less shitty than what’s below. To create these neutral thoughts, we may be able to change the thought incrementally, and we may want to use little transitory statements added onto our thoughts to help. These neutral thoughts will stair step us up toward the goal thought. And keep this in mind: We may not get to the goal thought, but we may not need to. We just want a direction to go in for our neutral stair steps. The idea is to feel a little better with each step.

Download my Stair Step Thought Worksheet here to help you come up with your own Thought Staircase, so you can shift your most unhelpful thoughts and start to break free from your Pressure Points.

Break free from the Pressure Point.